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MATSAIL is a new lab at Texas A&M, and we are looking for motivated scientists who want to expand the state-of-the-art in computational materials science and mechanical engineering. Please contact the lab if our research interests you. Let's do great science together!

​Postdoctoral Research Scientist

We currently do not have any openings for postdoc researchers.

Graduate Students

We currently do not have any openings for graduate student researchers.

​Graduate Students

MATSAIL has openings for two graduate students in Fall 2022/Spring 2023. Students with an interest and/or experience in computational research or AI/ML are strongly encouraged to apply. You will have a chance to perform cutting-edge research in one of the top 10 engineering programs in the country!

Research at MATSAIL lies at the interface of several disciplines, namely, materials science, mechanical engineering, scientific computing, data science and AI/ML. You will develop and implement new computational methods and AI/ML techniques to investigate and design new material structures. As a graduate student joining the lab, you are expected to have basic knowledge of materials science and mechanical engineering and as strong curiosity and willingness to learn about computational research. Familiarity and experience with math, programming, and AI/ML is preferred, but not necessary. Below is a non-exhaustive list of recommended graduate courses to get an idea of the required background for MATSAIL research.

MEEN 603 Theory of Elasticity

MEEN 615 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics

MEEN 616 Surface Science

MEEN 625 Mechanical Behavior of Materials

MEEN 631 Microscale Thermodynamics

MEEN 653 Scientific Writing

MEEN 654 Tribology - Mechanical Interface Design

MEEN 660 Corrosion Engineering

If you are interested in joining the lab, please write a 1-page critique on any one of the lab's publications and merge it with a Cover Letter, Resume/CV, transcript(s), and representative papers (if any) in one PDF and send it to Aravind at

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