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December 2023

Aravind presented the group's work on predictive computational synthesis at the TAMU Department of Materials Science and Engineering seminar series.

September 2023

Veer and Himanshu present their work on electrified tribointerfaces at the 2023 Texas A&M Conference on Energy

September 2023

Himanshu passed his qualifying exam and became a Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations!

August 2023

Mohammad joins Team MATSAIL as a graduate student. He will be co-advised by Aravind and Prof. Sami El Borgi at TAMU Qatar

July 2023

Aravind co-organized the the STLE virtual symposium on digital tribology bringing together eight leading researchers in material simulations, data science and tribology.

June 2023

Elaine joins Team MATSAIL as a summer Intern working on forcefield parameterization and software development. Welcome!

February 2023

Veer joins Team MATSAIL as a Ph.D. student working on digital twins of material surfaces. Welcome!

November 2022

Himanshu joins Team MATSAIL as a Ph.D. student working on predictive material synthesis. Welcome!

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