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September 2023

Veer and Himanshu present their work on electrified tribointerfaces at the 2023 Texas A&M Conference on Energy

September 2023

Himanshu passed his qualifying exam and became a Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations!

August 2023

Mohammad joins Team MATSAIL as a graduate student. He will be co-advised by Aravind and Prof. Sami El Borgi at TAMU Qatar

July 2023

Aravind co-organized the the STLE virtual symposium on digital tribology bringing together eight leading researchers in material simulations, data science and tribology.

June 2023

Elaine joins Team MATSAIL as a summer Intern working on forcefield parameterization and software development. Welcome!

February 2023

Veer joins Team MATSAIL as a Ph.D. student working on digital twins of material surfaces. Welcome!

November 2022

Himanshu joins Team MATSAIL as a Ph.D. student working on predictive material synthesis. Welcome!

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